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Tree Removal


Over 35 years of experience safely removing the largest and most hazardous trees has earned Cox and Company a reputation as a leader in the field. Our specialized equipment allows us to safely efficiently handle all of your tree removal needs.

Our professionally trained experts can help assess your tree removal needs. After careful inspection of your property's trees, removal may be necessary or desired. We take many factors into consideration before this recommendation is made. A few factors indicating reasons for tree removal include hazardous defects, encroachment on architectural improvements, and the disturbance by invasive species. In doing so we help property owners increase the safety and beauty of their landscape.

The loss of a tree can greatly change the character of a property. Without the canopy of a large shade tree your cost for air conditioning can increase. The lack of beauty and comfort that a well sited shade tree can provide may significantly lower your property value. Cox and Company has many sources for replacement trees. With heavy equipment on site to handle tree removal, many clients take advantage of the efficiency we can bring to planting new trees at the same time while the equipment is on site.

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